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John has a BSCS from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). He also has an Associates in Specialized Technology degree in electronics from Ryder Technical Institute. John is employed by Northampton Community College (NCC) as a Technical Assistant/Engineering Technician Level II for the past 25-years. He also teaches courses, credit and non-credit in Industrial Automation and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). John as written many manuals and the curriculum for industrial automation courses at NCC. Previous employment was with: IBM, East Fishkill, NY where he worked as an engineering technician in the research department of both E-Beam and Optics for use in the manufacturing of integrated circuits, OPT Industries, Phillipsburg, NJ. where he was in charge of the metrology lab and test engineer. At OPT he worked on many military and commercial projects including but not limited to the power systems for the electro-countermeasure system of the F-16 fighter jet and the power system for the Cray super computer, Ford Electronics, Landsdale, PA. were he was a E-Tech in automation maintenance in speed control servo, and Ametek Aerospace, Sellersville, PA. where he was hired to transfer the metrology lab from Weston Instruments to Sellersville. He then worked in the metrology department. John's hobbies include reading, writing and hiking. He has also recently acquired a desire to travel abroad and has been to Sicily twice and Italy. John says, "Sicily is looking like a really nice place to retire."

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