Janitor Fixes Advanced Airplane

Fantasy Plane of the Future An aeronautical engineer was designing a plane that would be the fasted flying plane the world had ever seen. However, the engineer was struggling with one design problem. Every time they test flew the aircraft the wings would fly off. The engineer tried different wing sizes, angles, mounting locations and shapes. A different shape to the fuselage also failed. Test after test had the same result; the wings would fly off.

One day the engineer was standing alone in the hanger and just staring at the plane with a puzzled look on his face. A janitor was sweeping the hanger and casually swept his way over to the engineer and said, “So...you havin’ trouble mit da vings comin’ off your plane?” The engineering replied with a simple, “Yah”. The janitor paused briefly and said, “Vi don-ch-ya perfarate da vings next to da fooselage?”, and then swept away.

The engineer ignored the suggestion, but then though, “what do I have to lose? I've tried everything else. Maybe the air will go through the holes.” So...first they perforated the end of the wings. The plane was put in the wind tunnel and the wings stayed on. But there was a lot of flutter and instability. Next, they perforated the middle of the wings. Put it back in the wind tunnel and the wings not only stayed on but were a-bit more stable. Then they perforated the wings next to the fuselage. They put it in the wind tunnel and not only did the wings stay on, but they were solid with no flutter or abnormal movement. A test flight was scheduled and the plane was flown faster than any other play had ever flown and without creating a sonic boom. They flew it around the world showcasing the achievement to the acclaim of every other nation.

Finally back at the hanger, the engineer was standing staring at the plane with a huge smile on his face basking in the achievement when he saw the janitor sweeping at the far end of the hanger. He ran over to the janitor, grabbed him, hugged him, shook his hand, patted him on the back and said, “How in the world did you know that perforating the wings would solve my problem?” The janitor took the stub of a cigar from his mouth and said, “Vell...I don-know mooch ‘bout planes and vings and all dat schtuff, but der ist vone ting dat I do know. Every time I pull toilet paper from the roll, it never tears at the perforated end.”

Toilet paper rool


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